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Bobcats versus Lakers Breakdown

And that makes 2 players sidelined for the year – Ammo goes down. My first thought would be that Dudley sees more minutes now, but after checking the box score for this game, I am not so sure – Jared got the DNP – Coach's Decision. Maybe more Carroll and Herrmann for the Bobcats?

Some numbers from the game:
1. Kobe did not score much, yet the Lakers dominated with him on the floor. Kobe put up only 6 points in his 21 minutes of action, but despite the low level of offense from the Laker's centerpiece, they cruised. With Kobe on the court, the Bobcats gave up 54 points on 42 possessions, 1.29 points per possession (ppp) – as Bill Walton would say, “That is just terrible”. Additionally, they scored only 34 points on 43 possessions with Kobe on the court, 0.79 ppp.

2. The starting 5 did even worse against “The Black Mamba”. The numbers go to 0.72 ppp on offense and 1.44 on defense, in their 7 and a half minutes against Kobe. Not a good sign.
3. Gerald Wallace had another good game scoring the ball, but…. overall, not his best night. He recorded a single rebound and 4 turnovers in his 25 minutes of action. The team did not score well with him on the floor at 1.00 ppp (despite his 28 points on only 13 shots, due to turnovers and few offensive rebounds by the team), and the defense struggled as well, at 1.18 ppp surrendered.

You may notice that I am commenting on how certain lineups did against specific players on the other team. Very observant, and I would like to thank Kirk for making the suggestion to increase the level of breakdown in the numbers. I have modified my code to track the opponents's lineup for each specific lineup, so now I will be able to offer better assessments of the teams play against various levels of competition. Has the starting 5 been padding their numbers against the opponents's bench so far in the preseason? I will be re-runnnig the numbers shortly and trying to answer that question.
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