Bobcats lower the boom on the Sonics – 11/17/2007 « Queen City Hoops

Bobcats lower the boom on the Sonics – 11/17/2007

I am going to jump right to the Queen City Hoops Greatest Lineup Ever because this has to be one of the best efforts I have seen so far this year: Emeka Okafor, Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson, Matt Carroll, and Raymond Felton take home the award, despite playing only 4 minutes and 50 seconds together last night. In that brief time, however, they managed to nearly create the final margin of the game, outscoring the sonics by 11 points. On their 11 possessions, they scored 17 points, good for 1.55 ppp. Even more impressive, though, is what they managed on defense: 0.46 ppp surrendered (6 points, 13 possessions). They shot well, protected the ball, and took care of business on the glass (they did not allow a single offensive rebound to the Sonics, while managing to grab 2 of their own misses, out of 7 chances). An all around superb effort to push the Bobcats back above the breakeven mark, at 5 wins and 4 losses.

A couple of other notes:
-Jason Richardson is starting to mesh with the rest of the Bobcats. Over the past 3 games, with J-Rich on the floor, the Bobcats are scoring 1.12 ppp and only allowing 0.94 ppp. Granted, that comes against Miami, Atlanta, and Seattle, but it is encouraging anyway.
-Primoz Brezec manages to have a good game…despite not doing anything. Primoz scored 2 points, grabbed 4 rebounds (not bad, actually, for the number of chances he had), and committed 3 fouls. Nothing spectacular…yet, the team scored 1.13 ppp with him on the court and gave up 0.71 ppp – his net +/- of +0.42 ppp was easily the highest of any Bobcat last night. Perhaps he does not want to concede his spot to Ryan Hollins just yet.
-Raymond Felton played a great game. I know: This one is easy to see from the boxscore: 13 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds and 2 steals (along with 4 turnovers). However, 5 of those assists led to dunks or layups for his teammates, a great way to boost the offense. For the season, assists of this type occur on 29% of assists, so Raymond's night was far from ordinary, and I just wanted that to be noted.
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