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Bobcats versus Celtics Recap – 11/24/2007

The Bobcats won the game…up to the last second…when they made one of the worst plays I can recall. Inbounding the ball with 4 seconds left, up by 2…and they turn it over…within shooting range. A quick pass over to Ray Allen – ballgame. It is all over but the crying. And with that I am done talking about the outcome. On to some of the things that were probably missed in the result:
-Jared Dudley earned more minutes going forward with 11 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists in 39 minutes on the floor. He is looking like one of the steals of the draft so far.
-Jason Richardson carried the team to victory (until he handed it to Boston). 25 points on 17 shots (5 for 5 on threes), 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. Quite the stat line – and only 2 turnovers (but did I mention that one was a big one? I know, I said I was done – but…wow, it is tough).
-Maybe Walter should not be playing much – Boston scored at 1.53 ppp with Mr. Herrmann on the floor, a very prolific rate. For the season, the team is surrendering 1.164 ppp with Walter on the court, and only 0.998 ppp with him off of it.
-Primoz is not far behind him – 1.28 ppp against the Bobcats last night with Primoz on the court. His season numbers are not as bad, but he has been facing the weaker offenses it appears. Check the stats page if you are curious – offensive and defensive efficiency faced is now a stat tracked for all players.
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