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I am a Link Manager

A couple of links:
-Early Season MVP and ROY ranking – Brought to you by BrewHoop (and lots of bloggers). Yes, I participated and no I do not feel bad for this incredibly early look at after-season awards.
-Bobcats sign Anderson Varejao. In a related note, Danny Ferry and LeBron James will be sending a Christmas card to the Bobcats this year (Cleveland will match the offer, and the Cats will be left with nothing, after doing the work of hammering out a contract).
-Below is a “Schmap” – specifically created for the Bobcats. Here is a description from the people behind it: “that we’ve recently developed, featuring season schedules, interactive maps, zoom-to-stadium functionality and daily updated scores for the Charlotte Bobcats and other North American major league teams”. They asked that I provide feedback and pass along any feedback I collect from my readers. So, look it over and leave comments about it. And, no, I am not being compensated for including it – Widgets are cool and I thought this was worth passing along.

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