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Ask (or comment) and Answer

People actually talk about one of my posts and how do I respond? By taking a several day hiatus – not sure that was a good move. Perhaps indicative of some kind of antisocial behavior or extreme introvertedness (is that even a word)? No, just tired – work and the Christmas season are adding a bit more than normal, so I have opted for sleep the last few days. But I am back, and will now respond to all the questions sent my way over the last few days.

Crucifictorious: For those of us who don't follow the Cats regularly…what's happened to Primo Brezec? Is he basically finished? Not that he's a good rebounder at all, but amazes me that Hollins is ahead of him in the rotation.

Well, nothing really happened to him. He was never that good to begin with; in the Bobcats' first 2 seasons though, they did not have anyone better. Primoz managed to put up decent numbers, but at great expense on the defensive end. See the following post from a couple months ago for more details: Not So Primo(z).

Chris and Erick both weighed in on “Welcome Back, Ryan Hollins” as well – and I would like to say that I was only half right about the Cavs and Ryan. The Bobcats won because LeBron did not play, and without him, the Cavs are a D-League squad (not quite, but hyperbole is a must in this medium). Ryan did not contribute much to the cause, and certainly not on the boards, where he only grabbed a single rebound in 9 minutes on the floor. Glad to have him back though, as Primoz continues to be an absolute team wrecker when on the floor, as the Cats are at -15.0 points per 100 possessions with him on the court.

Pruf weighed in on “What's Wrong With Crash?” and noted that Crash seemed to play better in the post than as a wing. I actually addressed this a while back as well, with “What is Gerald Wallace?”. The answer? A great power forward, and a so-so small forward. And, even better: The team was more successful with him at the 4. I will try to run the numbers for a by position breakdown of both Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor in the near future, to see how the team is doing with them at 3/4 and the 4/5 this season.

Chris: Sadly, if he really is competing with J-Rich, he won. J-Rich was even worse from the field (3-17).

Unfortunately, this has been true all season – it has not been much of a competition. For the year, Jason Richardson is scoring only 1.07 points per shot, not a great rate. Gerald is chugging along at 1.28 pps and Raymond Felton has really come on this year to lead the team's perimeter players at 1.29 pps. In fact, among the regulars, only Jeff McInnis and Primoz have been less efficient scorers, at 1.01 and 0.83 pps, respectively. I hate to say it, but J-Rich has been a real disappointment so far – the team is scoring 96.7 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor…and 104.1 without him.

That does not cover every comment made, but I think I got all the ones that contained questions. If I missed one, let me know, and I will get an answer to you. I appreciate all the feedback, it certainly makes it more interesting for me (and easier for me when you answer each other's questions).
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