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Bobcats vs. Spurs Recap – 01/21/08

First things first: The Anti-Queen City Hoops Greatest Lineup Ever award must be presented today, for one of the worst performances of the season. The lineup of Emeka Okafor, Gerald Wallace, Jason Richardson, Matt Carroll, and Raymond Felton managed to nearly lose by a point per possession…over more than 20 possessions. 21 offensive possessions: 8 points, good for 0.381 points per possession. On defense, 26 points on 19 possessions, 1.368 ppp. Wow. Just wow.

5 turnovers to 2 for the Spurs; 1 offensive rebound out of 11 chances; 4 of 16 shooting from the floor…with no free throw attempts. All together, over 10 minutes on the court together and 18 points down.

Do not think that I am doing this to praise Nazr though: He had a rough day of his own. While Mohammed was on the court against his former-former team, the Bobcats were outscored by 8, on 34 possessions; that is -0.235 ppp. He scored effectively but had a sub-par rebounding effort (4 total, only 1 offensive on 14 chances) and the Spurs were scoring 1.177 ppp while he was playing, so he did not do anything spectacular on the defensive end. He was not the only one, but as much as I had praised him over Emeka lately, I wanted to balance the treatment.

Final thoughts:
The Bobcats have now made it to the halfway point of the season…and they are a half-game off last year's pace, at 16-25. Oh, and they have played 26 home games already, where they actually have a winning record (14-12). Which means they have 26 road games left (after playing only 15 so far, where they are 2-13 – the only team worse? Minnesota). And with a comparison to Minnesota made, I cannot make this anymore depressing, so I will end for the evening. Go Bobcats.
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