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With or Without

With Gerald out for a couple of weeks, it made me curious – How does the team play without him…and then really without him. What I mean is, is there an appreciable difference in the numbers between time he spends on the bench in his jersey and when is he is in a suit. Just looking at Gerald would not take too long, so I was going to do it for all of the big 4 – Crash, Oak, Felton, and J-Rich, but only Felton and Gerald have missed games so far this year (knock on wood). Here are the numbers for the two of them anyway:

Player – Status Off Eff Def Eff Net Eff
Gerald – On Court 102.5 104.6 -2.1
Gerald – On Bench 94.4 108.9 -14.5
Gerald – In Suit 105.6 117.2 -11.6
Raymond – On Court 102.9 105.8 -2.9
Raymond – On Bench 99.0 110.9 -11.9
Raymond – In Suit 92.8 105.6 -12.8

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