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You Make Me Break Out

Ok – so I was going to embed the video to “Breakout” by the Foo Fighters…but they apparently do not want me to do that – “Embedding disabled by request” is displayed on the official video page of youtube. So, here is the link – click on it to listen as you read this. The lyrics do not quite work – but the title of the song is close enough, and I just like the Foo Fighters.

Finally, to the point of the article. I am focusing on which teammate helps each player “breakout” – not individually, but for the team. Following are the player pairs that result in the best net +/- for each of the Bobcats (with 100 minutes played together established for the minimum to be considered – not so relevant today, but it was needed to keep the “worst of” portion of this from turning into bash Derek Anderson day).

Player Breakout
Off Eff Def Eff Net Eff
Emeka Okafor Matt Carroll 107.3 107.5 -0.2
Gerald Wallace Matt Carroll 106.2 103.7 +2.5
Jared Dudley Earl Boykins 113.6 105.6 +7.9
Jason Richardson Earl Boykins 105.1 98.8 +6.3
Matt Carroll Jared Dudley 113.9 108.2 +5.7
Raymond Felton Matt Carroll 109.8 104.8 +5.0
Ryan Hollins Jared Dudley 106.1 103.3 +2.9
Derek Anderson Gerald Wallace 99.6 105.9 -6.3
Jermareo Davidson Jared Dudley 101.9 103.4 -1.5
Othella Harrington Matt Carroll 103.5 104.0 -0.5
Nazr Mohammed Gerald Wallace 101.7 101.2 +0.5
Earl Boykins Jared Dudley 113.6 105.6 +7.9

Not sure if I should be surprised that Matt and Jared tied for best teammate – I have a feeling that this number is slightly skewed since they both just started getting more minutes recently (between McInnis' release and Gerald's injury) and some more variation might come back in as time goes by. It would have been nice to see Raymond's name show up in there; it would be tough, since he plays so many minutes – his numbers are going to be closer to the team average because of that – and the team has been so bad this year…still, it would have been nice. I might do this again but only allow the starters to be considered for the breakout teammate. They are the ones who are going to be playing – might as well focus more on them. Duly noted.

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