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Bobcats versus Jazz Recap – 03/25/08

I am not ashamed to admit this…but I did not watch last night's game. I did not miss much, unless I was really a closet Jazz fan. If I were, I would have been really impressed by my team's amazing offensive performance. But I do not cheer for the Jazz…I cheer for the Bobcats – so that amazing offensive performance becomes a discouraging defensive one. What did the Jazz do? Only torch the Bobcats for their worst defensive outing of the year.

Having just recently talked about the defense of the Cats (click here if you missed it), I suppose this is topical. Does not mean I want to talk about it though. So, I will keep it brief: The Bobcats gave up 132.0 points per 100 possessions – easily surpassing their previous “best” of 127.3. I am not sure which is more amazing – the 132 or the fact that they managed to go so much further beyond their previous number, a 4% increase on it.

Worth noting: The Bobcats were not slouches on offense themselves, scoring 106.0 per 100 possession themselves. Both teams shot well from the field, 50% or better. The real difference? Rebounds – the Cats grabbed about half of their chances on defense – which means Utah managed just as many. More shots per possession is generally a good way to score more points per possession.

If you want to look at more numbers for the game, head to the stats page and pull up the game – or click here.
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