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Bobcats Draft Notes – 06/26/2008

The Bobcats add a 2nd 1st round pick – or less confusingly, the Bobcats now have 2 first round picks this year (and none at some point in the future). Here is Bonnell twice:

The Basics of the trade – The Bobcats get Denvers pick, the 20th spot in the first round. They give up a future first rounder. Roy Hibbert=target?

Rick Bonnell fills in the details on the trade – Basically, lottery-protected next year, and decreasing protection through 2014, when it is totally free.

Some thoughts, from conversation with Matt of Hardwood Paroxysm and Ridiculous Upside:
Matt: I like the pick up of #20
me: glad to see they were being active – now it is just a matter of talent evaluation
Matt: here's the best news
they can either take the best available guard and a big man later, or the best available big man and their pick of the best guards available.
me: agreed, i feel much better about adding first round talent to both of the team needs – though i would be concerned with the guards available at 20 – unless chalmers drops a bit
Matt: I guess take Bayless, and then best available big at 20?
Or do you gamble with Westbrook?
me: think westbrook will be there? his stock is like google (well, a year ago)
i'm intrigued by westbrook, but hollingers numbers make me nervous
Matt: I don't think there's ANY way the Knicks take him
and it's going to go Rose, Beasley, Mayo
The Cats have to be PISSED Love's stock has risen
I'm one of the few Randolph desciples, so I'm pulling for him to the Cats
me: (re: love)i am – i hope he manages to fall – not a great fit with okafor – but i think he is going to be good
Matt: Wait, I got it.
Gamble, take Randolph, then gamble with the 20 on rush or chalmers, whoever's left

So, what to take from this? (Aside from that Matt seems to have spent too much time with Sir Charles) The Bobcats have created interest and an opportunity to add more talent from what most are calling a deep draft. So, who will the 2 first rounders be? Bayless and Speights, Love and Randolph (he seems to be slipping), Arthur and Chalmers? I do not know, but I will be glued to the tv tonight, as the Bobcats make 2 big steps (hopefully, forwards) towards their future.

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