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2008 Draft Recap for Charlotte Bobcats – DJ Augustin

My initial reaction last night to the Augustin pick was not one of delight, to say the least. The selection was met with a large amount of surprise and derision in the live blog last night, with a few snippets re-printed here:

Corndogg – Hey, at least this means they aren't bringing back Jeff McInnis. That is a win for the Bobcats in my opinion
[Comment From Devine]Muy interesante — donde esta el Felton?
[Comment From Mike C.] its never a good sign when stern is the same height as your pick
Matt Moore – I like the pick.
Corndogg – Of course you do Matt, cause he went to Texas. You are an IDIOT!!!!

Oh, and Corndogg told me to step away from the butcher knife – while that was more drastic than an action I would take, I was not pleased at the time. However, with a day to look back on it, I have to say I am feeling better, for 2 main reasons:

1. Corn was right – no McInnis
Simply removing Jeff from the Bobcats roster from next year is good for a couple of more wins. That is how bad he was this past year. I have harped on it enough previously that I will not go back into it now – but knowing that he will not be with the team pleases me. A great deal.

2. Augustin has some comparables in the NBA
There are a handful of players in the NBA who manage to produce despite being under 6 feet tall – Jameer Nelson and Damon Stoudamire are 2. Jameer led the Magic to the playoffs this past spring and Damon has guided several playoff squads (back in Portland). So, teams can win with an undersized point.

3. T.J. Ford
What makes me feel most confident in DJ's chance is another former Texas player – T.J. Ford. Ford is about an inch taller than DJ, but DJ has the longer wingspan at 6-3.5 to 5-11.5. TJ has made his mark in the NBA due to his exceptional quickness…and DJ is quicker. At the pre-draft combine, TJ had times of 11.45 in the lane agility drill and 3.20 in the 3/4 court sprint: Both of those numbers were bested by DJ, at 11.27 and 3.07.

One more thing to like about DJ is his shooting ability – unlike Ford, it is not a skill he needs to learn. In his last season of college ball, TJ shot 40.1% from the floor, and 26.5% on threes. DJ is easily the superior marksman, at 43.9 and 38.1. Granted, Ford is probably the better passer, with slightly better court vision, but Augustin was still regarded as the second best pure point in the draft to Derrick Rose.

All told, Augustin may still not have been the best choice. But he was at least a good choice, with an excellent player to model hs game after hailing from his own school. I will be looking forward to watching DJ fly up and down the court for the Bobcats in the season ahead.
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