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2008 Draft Quick Recap for Charlotte Bobcats

At 9, the Bobcats drafted DJ Augustin, the 5-11 point guard from Texas. The pre-draft profile I did is here: Prospect Profile DJ Augustin. Not convinced I am happy with this pick – though I was not crazy about Brook Lopez, I feel better about his ability to contribute in the league at 7-0, than Augustin at 5-11. Maybe I will feel better about it in the morning, when I have not been in front of a computer and tv for the last 7 hours straight. Chad Ford's quick analysis from ESPN:

A little bit of a surprise. We've been hearing all day that the Bobcats are shopping Raymond Felton. I guess this confirms it. They passed on a need (Brook Lopez) to get Augustin. He's an upgrade over Felton, so it's hard to criticize the Bobcats. Augustin has a chance to be special. The Blazers and Kings wanted him and have to be crushed right now.

At 20, Charlotte went with Alexis Ajinca, a 7-1 power forward from France…who has a 7-8 wingspan. That is a lot of length. Not enough weight on that length at this point though, perhaps, as it might be a bit before the Cats bring him over from Europe. Again, from Ford:

Ajinca is 20 years old and averaged 5 ppg in France. In the history of the NBA draft, has there ever been a player who averaged 5 ppg or less who turned into a decent player? Ajinca was a workout warrior, dominating some of the other big men in the past few weeks. And he has great size and skills. But can he turn them into production on the court? He'll likely stay in France to develop.

Finally, at 38, the Bobcats selected Kyle Weaver, a 6-6 point guard from Washington State. Having played at WSU, he obviously can play some defense. And I really do not know much about him beyond that. His numbers from Kenpom are intriguing, as he seems to rebound and distribute fairly well. However, his turnover rate is fairly high, and that was in a controlled offense – reason for pause, but that is to be expected in the second round.

Some intriguing pieces – please add thoughts and relevant links in the comments, and I will make use of them when I do a more in-depth review in the next couple of days.
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