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2008 Draft Recap – DJ Augustin – Continued

As expected, the Bobcats first pick of the draft is a bit of a hot topic right now.

Upside and Motor likes the pick, does not love it – One reason is because Lopez is not a great fit with the Cats as Emeka has more of a 5's game. Another is because he expects it to mean that Felton will be moving on.

I would be against that, at least for the year ahead. If the Cats really want to make a run at the playoffs, expecting a rookie point guard to lead them there might be a bit much (well, outside of possibly Derrick Rose). Giving Felton another year to play more exclusively at the point might help his trade value – might, being fairly important in that sentence.

The Charlotte Blogcat reviews the draft and touches on Augustin – I had to include for this quote if nothing else: “Chad Ford even calls Augustin an “upgrade” over Felton!? Really? Size-wise, Augustin is barely an upgrade over David Stern! DJ is one of the few draftees Stern didn't have to squint up at like he's reading a billboard advertisement for Gossip Girl and trying to figure out what “OMFG” means.”

Another large part of the Blogcats indifference to the draft is that the Bobcats were drafting at 9, and you cannot expect a franchise changer at that spot. I am not sure that I feel totally comfortable with that logic, but if adopting the attitude keeps your blood-pressure low, there is something to it, I guess.

The BobcatsPlanet forum examines the pick – No consensus on the pick, but the reception seems to be generally favorable. Basic sentiment: We needed another point, DJ should be ok. Counter-point: We need a big, Lopez should be ok.

And that back and forth is basically the same thing I am still struggling with about this pick. Is a backup point more important than finding another starter for the front-court? In reality, Lopez probably would not start right away either, so I guess it becomes is backup point more important that backup big.

Bonnell reports that Felton is still the starter – And that comes from Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins…so what to make of the Felton for Lee rumors? No truth to it, according to Higgins.

It will be interesting to watch DJ this year and those to follow, as well as Brook, to see if the Bobcats made the right decision in going small. If this move helps the Bobcats speed up their game and makes them more exciting to watch, that will at least be one positive to come of this. And that will conclude DJ Augustin coverage for a few days on the blog, and I will take looks at the other 2 draftees in the coming days – where there are just as many questions.

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