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Summer League 2008 Warmup

I will not be able to do a daily recap of the Bobcats' summer league games this year, but I will do a full review after the week is over. With that in my mind, for anything you see and hear next week, just remember: Gabe Muoneke scored 31 points in one game for the Bobcats last year. Who? Exactly.

Take everything good with a grain of salt, and everything bad…well, that is legitimately troubling, because if the players can not get it done againsts scrubs, then good luck later on.

For a bit of light reading to get you warmed up for the week ahead, check out:

Summer League 2007 Report Card – Jared was the best all-around player for the Cats last summer, so that was actually kind of telling. Too bad the Bobcats waited half the season to start using him.

And the July 07 Archives contain all the daily recaps

Enjoy and Go Cats (and stay out of trouble in Vegas).
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