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Summer League 2008 – Game 3

Jotting notes as I watched a much improved broadcast (thank you, NBA):
-1st quarter was tough to watch, with the Cats having 10! turnovers. Seemed like during the last 5 minutes of the quarter, there were zero decent looks as they could barely move the ball.
-Augustin is creating opportunities, with little to show for it. 3 possible assists (layup attempts) all thwarted by fouls. Some nice looks though, and his teammates will start putting down more of those.
-Augustin with some impressive finishes around the basket. Will be interesting to see how he finishes those shots when Dwight Howard or Marcus Camby are in front of him, though.
-James Mays catches a break on the foul call – Brandon Wright somehow gets called when Mays had an arm extended holding him off for the board.
-Orien Greene and DJ have pulled the Cats back into the game. Greene just finished another drive with a nice floater. Cats down 1
-DJ picks up his 3rd foul with a couple to go in the first half – struggling to stay in front of CJ Watson.
-Green goes coast to coast and the Cats take the lead.
-Marcus Slaughter forgets that this is not college, commits a foul when attempting to take a charge under the rim.
-Belinelli retrieves the lead with a catch and shoot on the inbounds pass – buries the jumper and gets fouled. He wishes summer league was 82 games.
-And another entry pass is picked off by Golden State – the Bobcats might want to practice that.
-James Mays with the great play – bats the ball away from Golden State at the three point line, chases it down under the Bobcats basket, and finds a teammate for the slam.
-The half ended poorly with Augustin driving into traffic, forcing a pass that was nearly picked off, and the Bobcats not getting a shot off as the ball was batted around.
-Near the beginning of the second half, Jermareo drives into the paint, then spins back and lays it in. Nice post work, SuperJermareo.
-At the other end, Jermareo grabs the board – and then decides to take a few dribbles upcourt before getting it to his point guard. But the lazy pass is picked off by the Warriors. (Yet another) but they miss the layup and Jermareo cleans up the miss. 2 boards, one turnover for Jermareo on the sequence – oh, and a lot of luck.
-Jermareo takes advantage of a bouncing ball under the Charlotte goal – grabs the ball and goes straight up with the hook. Two points.
-Augustin drives, creates a layup opportunity for Chuck Davis, who somehow gets fouled on the floor, without attempting the shot.
-Up to 5 fouls for DJ – still 3rd quarter.
-Weaver has back to back assists – the second a nasty throwdown of an alley oop by Marcus Slaughter while getting fouled. He is athletic.
-Speaking of, Slaughter pins the Warriors fastbreak layup attempt behind the rim. Jumpball.
-Yes, it really is peanut butter – jelly time.
-Greene takes advantage of his offensive success in the first half, and drives the paint, drawing all of Golden State to him, then finding Wallace (not Crash) for a dunk.
-Demarcus Nelson welcomes DJ back to the court for the 4th by blowing by him, resulting in a foul on Chuck Davis. Augustin's defensive effort seems lacking. Scouting report: Demarcus is not a good outside shooter unless wide open.
-Kyle Weaver with the rip – but he forgets the ball as he whiffs picking it up on his way for a fast break. Result: Golden State 3 by Anthony Morrow.
-Augustin goes under the screen at the top of the key, and Nelson buries a wide open 20 footer.
-In retaliation, Augustin drives to the hoop, finishes, and gets fouled. Free throw up and good.
-On the other, DJ picks up #6 trying to guard Nelson.
-Kyle Hines at the line again. I seem to have heard his name a lot. He is drawing a lot of fouls (and committing a lot too).
-Bad team D by the Bobcats – Augustin goes under a screen, and the big picks up Demarcus as he dribbles along the 3 point line. Before DJ can get back, the big leaves, and Demarcus takes the opening to go straight to the rim. Fouled, shooting 2.
-So, DJ goes to the other end, drives, finishes, gets fouled, makes the freebie. Deja vu.
-Kyle Hines just got whistled for his 8th. It looked like he was set for the charge on that drive, but the officials saw differently.
-Augustin pump fakes as the shot clock expires. The Cats are up 1 and do not get a shot off.
-Next trip down, DJ does the pump fake sooner, draws a foul while making a leaner. Are we sure he is not a 5-10 combo guard?
-Orien Greene is dared to shoot a 3. He accepts and wins.
-Bellinelli answers from the top of the key, tied at 89.
-Augustin with a slightly out of control drive, loses the ball, tips it through a defender's legs to himself – then gets clobbered by CJ Watson on the layup attempt. Both are good. 91-89 Cats.
-Another defensive issue for DJ – goes under a screen, gets switched onto Morrow. Morrow gets the ball and goes right up for the jumper, and DJ slaps him on the elbow. Foul number 7.
-After several more fouls, the Warriors have a 6 point lead with a couple of seconds left. So, Augustin does not bother to get the last inbounds pass – resulting in the last turnover of the game for the Bobcats, #26.

Final thoughts:
-A lot of fouls, 85 combined, 47 for the Bobcats. Main culprits: Hines and Davis with 8 each, DJ with his 7, Greene finished with 6.
-Ajinca name was mentioned little: He played 5:44 and had 4 fouls, and little else.
-Augustin finished with 30 on 9-14 from the floor and 10-11 from the free throw line. Not so good were the 0 assists, 5 turnovers, and previously mentioned 7 fouls. While he did create opportunities for his teammates to get to the line, it seemed he was looking more for his own shot as the game progressed.
-Another Augustin note: He was the leading rebounder for the Cats with 6 in his 31 minutes of action. Jermareo had 5 in only 6 minutes of action, then it was Hines and Mays with 4. There were not a lot of rebounds to be had when both teams shot 50% or better, but still do not like for the shortest guy on the floor to have the most boards.
-Kyle Weaver had a solid game with 7 points on 3-5 shooting, 4 assists, and 2 turnovers in 20 minutes of action. He had a particularly impressive layup early in the third that led the arena announcer to say: “Kyle Weaver with the acrobatic shot”. I was just glad he stopped saying “Marco Belinelllliiii”.
-Aside from DJ's 5 turnovers, Ryan Hollins had 4 in 7 minutes of action, and Chuck Davis also contributed 4. The sloppy play was quite frustrating for large parts of the game. Like the whole first half and chunks of the 4th.

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