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Summer League 2008 – Game 4

The Bobcats took on the Detroit Pistons today in Vegas – and they lost, again. The best part? While they were not quite trying to lose, they definitely were not trying to win, by sitting DJ Augustin for the game. I know they need to get minutes to Kyle Weaver, Guillermo Diaz, and Mustafa Shakur to see if any are going to be viable for the coming season. But throw us a bone here – DJ has been the only Bobcat playing well in Vegas. Help us be excited.

What, I cannot get excited about Alexis Ajinca? Um, no, not so much. Another day and another dreadful game for the Frenchie. 0 points, 5 rebounds, 5 fouls, and 3 turnovers in 23+ minutes. Yippee. Hopefully, the team will actually send him to the D-league early in the year, unlike how they handled Jermareo last season.

Speaking of Jermareo Davidson, he had another solid game today – 8 points, 4 rebounds in 13 minutes of work. Not bad. Same could be said for Kyle Weaver – 12 points (on 5 fga), 2 rebounds, and 2 assists in 17 minutes. He seems to be getting the hang of this.

Kyle Visser got a lot of run today, 23 minutes, and managed to score fairly effectively in it, with 13 points on 10 attempts. But that was pretty much all he did, as he grabbed a single board, had 1 turnover, and 5 fouls with the rest of the boxscore empty. As a big man, getting outrebounded by the point guards does not look good. The rest of the players were relatively non-descript, which does not bode well for them either. Still not much creating going on, as Shakur led the team with 4 assists, part of 11 overall. Sloppy play also continued, as the team had 25, with Mustafa again leading the way with 6.

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