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About me and contact info

About me:
This post talks a bit about me: Blame Paul Shirley for this blog. Basically, I am a sports fan and a computer nerd, so I combined the two, and started this website.

Not good enough? Ok, here is a bit more. I chose to blog about the Bobcats because of Toastmasters, the public speaking club. What? Well, through my job I had joined Toastmasters (as I do not really enjoy speaking in front of people) and I had to do a speech that convinced people of something. I wanted to convince the listeners that the Bobcats made a mistake in drafting Adam Morrison (that speech was crafted into the first post on this site, The Bobcats Blunder), but in researching the speech, I ran into an issue: There was little on the internet devoted to the Bobcats. Because of my extensive writing background as a computer programmer (read: sarcasm), I decided I should attempt to fill the void, leading to the creation of QueenCityHoops.

Follow the blog/Contact Me:
You can follow the blog through RSS: Subscribe in a reader
What is RSS? Here is a very detailed explanation from a blog I follow: What is RSS? Short answer, an easy way to keep track of updates, but the link gives a more complete answer.

You can also follow me on Twitter. Click here to follow me. I am still pretty new to twitter, but for anyone who is already on it, please add me and help me figure out just what I am supposed to do with it.

Email: You can also contact me by email at qchoops@gmail.com.

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