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Slow in the summer

With my recent interview granting me fame beyond my wildest dreams, I have been too busy to post. Yeah, right – there is just little going on (of substance). Yes, the Bobcats signed Shannon Brown and yes, they traded Weaver to the Bandits of OKC (or whatever they are). That will affect this season's win total by approximately 0 wins (and 0 losses). Yippee.

The season will come down to a couple of things: Can Larry Brown teach the team to play defense and can Sean May/Adam Morrison add anything of value? Those are the significant changes (or not, depends on if either happen) from last season – well, aside from McInnis being gone. So, until I see Sean May on a court (and Adam Morrison make a shot), I am not ready to say much about the year to come.

Oh, and I am not going to start doing “babe of the week” or other such random postings just to grab traffic. I name no names – but there are plenty out there.
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