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Matt Carroll and Galvatron

Basketball has been a passion of mine for a large chunk of my life – but there are some things that predate it which I have not lost interest in just yet. One of those things would be Transformers – growing up, they were my favorite toy and I can still recall taking one each Friday for Show and Tell in Kindergarten. The Transformers movie was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. Somehow, I hope that helps explain the analogy that came to me the other night:

Jason Richardson is to Matt Carroll as Galvatron is to Megatron

Matt Carroll is a gunner – he is on the court to shoot the basketball. And he is pretty good at it – good enough to have averaged double figure scoring in the NBA, a career 3P FG% of 41.1, and a multi-year deal for those abilities. But Jason Richardson does the same thing as Matt – he shoots. A career average of 18.8 ppg while taking nearly a third of his shots from behind the arc. The difference between Megatron and Galvatron is the same: They are both guns. It is just that Megatron is Walther p38, a pistol – and Galvatron is laser canon. One is clearly superior in field of blowing stuff up. If you think I just slipped into speaking some other language, then I suggest you duck out now: I am just getting started.

Once I paired up the Hammer and Megatron, J-Rich and Galvatron, I had to start thinking about the rest of the squad: Which Transformer can be used to capture the essence of the Bobcat's roster?

Alexis Ajinca – Sharkticon
Because no one will be able to understand him. “Baa weep grahna weep ninny bong.”

Shannon Brown – Rumble
Jermareo Davidson – Frenzy
Ryan Hollins – Ratbat

Bit players/straight from a tape player – Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat are great for entertainment value – trash talking mini Robots, who does not get a kick of it. But, if you are going into battle counting on them for a significant contribution, you are in trouble. They do not have it in them. No offense, but needing significant contributions out of these 3 would mean bad things for the Bobcats.

Jared Dudley – Wreck-gar
Not the most gifted (or advanced) robot/player – Jared does very well with what he has and knows his limitations. He does what he needs to do to help the team win – like Wreck-gar giving up the junk ship so the Autobots could fight Unicron.

Sean May – Unicron
Unicron was done in by his insatiable hunger, will Sean May? I know fat jokes are a dime a dozen…like do-nuts. Still, greed was Unicron’s undoing – will another of the 7 deadly sins be the end of Sean May’s basketball career?

Nazr Mohammed – Grimlock
It seems like Nazr should be more dominant than he is – same as Grimlock. Seriously, he’s a 7 footer /tyrannosaurus rex robot. Grimlock seemed to have the size and strength to lead a charge into battle, but was always just another soldier. Nazr took charge for about a month after he came to Charlotte, but after that he retreated into the background.

Adam Morrison – Starscream
Possesses an unrealistic self-image, thinking he has the charisma and power to lead, but he is enough self-awareness to see his shortcomings. Gunning for power leads to his own demise (I hope that Adam is content to take on the role of scorer off the bench, a role Starscream was always scheming to get away from).

Emeka Okafor – Ultra Magnus
A solid soldier but his size and strength would lead you to believe he could be a leader. For Ultra Magnus, it turned out to not be his calling. For Emeka, after 4 years in the league, it seems that he is what he is: A good rebounder and defender, competent offensively, but not skilled enough to be the focus of a team.

Gerald Wallace – Blur
Can we make this his new nickname? (I only suggest this because I hope to see at least something of a return to previous form under LB – less 3’s, more rebounding, and weak-side blocks). If he keeps doing what got him here, it fits – constant motion, seemingly everywhere at once, and doing everything that is needed of him.

Raymond Felton – Hot Rod
The potential is there – 5th overall pick following a good college career and an awesome looking sports car. Hot Rod showed flashed – repairing Kup, engineering their escape from the Quintessons. Raymond has shown flashes, including nearly 17points and 10 assists per game in April this past season. But, never able to realize it – as himself – so can the new version handle the mantle of team leader?

DJ Augustin – Rodimus Prime
Not perfect because Hot Rod somehow grew larger when he took on the Matrix and DJ is slightly smaller than Raymond. But they are similar – in game and stature – so, I feel alright saying that DJ is Raymond 2.0. It remains to be seen whether he is an upgrade, let alone ready for the amount of responsibility we are prepared to cast on him.

Oh, and this team has no Optimus Prime. – LeBron, Kobe, KG, etc. Moving on.

Larry Brown – Kup
They have been around forever and have learned something from all of it. Not the fighter/warrior he once was but still has something left to prove.

Kup: Reminds me the Nitith slave mines on Galganas 7.
Hot Rod: Every place reminds you of some place else.
Kup: Experience, lad. You should learn to appreciate it.

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