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Larry Brown's Bobcats – 0-3

Another day, another loss. Still the preseason, so I am not too concerned (and I do not think you should be either, but I will not tell you your business). Oh, and still no tv (at least not that I could find), so my recap will be a quick one.

On the positive side of the ledger:
-Raymond and DJ both created well for their teammates, with 17 combined assists. Raymond was particularly impressive, with half of the possessions he used winding up in an assisted basket.
-The offense as a whole took a big step forward, as the team scored 100 points per 100 possessions. That is still not a good number (need to see it up closer to 106 or so), but it is a improvement.
-Fewer turnovers (14) and more offensive rebounds (13 for the Bobcats, only 4 for the Hawks).
-Jason Richardson put on an efficient offensive show, with 19 points on 11 attempts. 0 of those field goal attempts came from 3 – so Larry Brown is having an effect on the shot choices of the team.
-Another Larry Brown influence: Gerald was a little more aggresive again, with 5 fouls drawn. While that only created 4 ftas for him, it was still nice to see a bounce back after only drawing 2 fouls against Memphis. And do not let the low rebound total (5, 1 offensive) fool you: Crash did solid board work, at least defensively, grabbing 4 of an available 22 while on the court. There just were not a lot of defensive boards to go around.

Which brings us to the negative:
-The Hawks shot 50% from the floor – which is why Gerald (and the rest of the team) had so few chances to grab rebounds. I know that 102.3 points allowed per 100 possessions is solid – but allowing 50% shooting is tough to swallow.
-The Cats took 18 ftas. The Hawks: 32. The whole drive-drive-drive offense? Still a work in progress.
-The point guards cannot shoot. They passed well, but managed to shoot a combined 5 for 18. Please, Raymond, do not rub off on DJ.
-Sean May: 0 rebounds.

Check the boxscore for yourself while we wait for the next game on the stats page (I am working on updating the rest of the stats shortly, for now all that is available for this year are the boxscores).
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