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Bobcats vs. Hornets Recap

For the detailed boxscore, go here: Queen City Hoops Stats Page

Score: 92-89 Bobcats
Bobcats Record: 2-3
Meritorious Player: D.J. Augustin – 11 points (8 attempts), 4 assists, and only 1 turnover. The Bobcats were +4 with D.J. on the court, with a net efficiency of +13.5 in those 21 minutes, 54 seconds.

I again have not watched the game: I was being a good husband and went to a high school football game with my wife (she was there to support her students). So, instead of seeing the Bobcats beat the Hornets, I saw her school losing 56-6 in the 3rd quarter, when we finally left. Oh – and against their hated rivals. Not good times. Anyway, I was pretty shocked to get home and see Larry Brown with a smile on his face in the post game press conference – so, I checked the scores, and the Cats had pulled it out. Here are a few things from the game:

The Bobcats held their own on the boards, getting out-rebounded by only 42-39. Emeka of course led the way with 10, with Gerald continuing his early surge with 7, and Jason Richardson showing life in a second straight game with 5. Really, it was a team effort, aside from one surprise: Jared Dudley had a single rebound in 16 minutes of action. I know that he is dealing with power forwards more this year, but I still expect his scrappiness and hustle to track down more than that. Really, the Bobcats will be better off when they can get start getting him more time at the 3 – no rush or anything Sean/Alexis/anyone else who would like to contribute at the 4.

The turnovers were down a bit, with Charlotte actually forcing more than they commited, 17-14. I was particularly glad to see D.J. turn in such a solid night – CP3 has some quick hands and for D.J. to finish the game with a single turnover was a great effort.

Raymond Felton was feeling it? 7-9 from the floor for 20 points – nice work. Really, when I first saw the boxscore, I thought Raymond was going to be the meritorious player, but his +/- was actually negative, and with a few players making good contributions and on the plus side I went with D.J.. Nice game for Raymond, aside from only 3 assists, which were matched by 3 turnovers.

I am going to be looking to see what happened, but somehow, with Adam Morrison on the court – the Hornets could not score. The Bobcats' defensive efficiency with Ammo on the court: 69.2. Ridiculous. I'll be interested to see if Adam had a hand in that or was just the beneficiary of some lucky matchups.

Overall, the team had a solid offensive game, with an offensive efficiency of 107. The low score might make you think they struggled, but it was good all-around offensive performance. Decent offensive rebounding, solid shooting from the field, low turnovers, and…unreal free throw shooting – from the Bobcats! They made 29 of their 31 freebies. Compared to the 14 and 19 of the Hornets, you can see where the Bobcats won the game. At the free throw line: Not too often we can say that.

I will finish this recap with a shoutout to Matt Carroll – nice work, Hammer. Yes, you needed 8 shots to get 7 points, but you had 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Keep shooting, you had some slow spots last year as well.

The Bobcats got the better of a team that handled them easily last year. Sunday, they get another chance, with Toronto coming to the Queen City. Can they get some more revenge? Preview coming soon.

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