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Bobcats vs. Denver Recap

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Score: 88-80 Raptors
Bobcats Record: 2-5
Meritorious Player: Adam Morrison – 16 points (11 attempts), 2 boards, 2 assists, 1 block. The Bobcats were +10 with Hammer on the court, with a net efficiency of +21.6 in about 29 minutes and 32 seconds. Somewhat surprising – the defense was again ridiculous with Adam on the court, efficiency of 72.7.

Worst game of the season offensively. Best game of the season defensively. Unfortunately, this best was not enough to overcome that worst, and it was another ugly loss for the Bobcats. It is time to pull a Mike Singletary, and point fingers:

Last night was not a good one for D.J. Augustin. It took him 9 field goal attempts and 4 free throw attempts to get to 5 points. That is not a good return on investment. Compounding his shooting struggles – 4 turnovers in his 25 minutes, but only 3 assists. So, something like 18 possessions used, and only 12 points for the team to show for it (one of the assists was on a 3).

Raymond (K. Hessel) Felton – “The question, Raymond, is what did you want to be?”. If the answer is a starting point guard in the NBA – well, you need to work on it. Despite D.J.'s struggles last night, the team was better off with him on the court. You managed 9 points on 11 assists, 5 assists, and 2 turnovers. So, not a horrible line. But, for some reason, when you were on the court, the team got smoked defensively, allowing 119.6 points per 100 possessions to Denver. With D.J., that number was 84.3. I know that you may have been facing different lineups, but, Raymond, that looks bad.

Emeka – just 2 points, really? 1 of 5 shooting – again, really? 8 rebounds and 4 blocks are nice (the rebounds are actually quite impressive for how few were available in this game). But, the Bobcats need someone to help balance out all the jumpshots – and some nights, Jason and Gerald are not going to drive the ball as much. We are not asking for 20 points a game – but 2? Jeez.

Speaking of jumpshooting – the Bobcats put up 27 3-point attempts. It is not like this was the first game where the Bobcats trailed late, and were trying to catch up. But they attempted 50% more 3s in this game than they had in any game so far this season – the previous high was 18. Over a third of the Bobcats attempts were from 3, 35% actually. Who do they think they are – Duke? As Larry Brown has noted, shooting jumpers does not get you to the line. And the Bobcats did not buck that trend. They took only 17 ftas to the Nuggets 28. Denver made 9 more fts than the Bobcats – who lost by 8. Just saying…

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