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Bobcats vs. Hawks Recap

Detailed boxscore: Boxscore Page

Score: 88-83 Atlanta
Bobcats Record: 3-8
  Offensive: 95.4
  Defensive: 98.9
  Net: -3.5
Meritorious Player: D.J. Augustin
. 26 points (on a somewhat high 20 attempts, but we will overlook it for tonight. 7 assists. 1 turnover. I do not think it should/will be D.J. leaving the starting lineup when Jason Richardson comes back.

First quarter: Yay! Second quarter: Awww. Most of the 3rd quarter: Meh. Last minute of 3rd: Yay! 4th quarter: Awww. Last minute of 4th: What the heck are they doing? There is a pretty succinct recap of the game. How about a little more verbosity? Here goes:

I called it on Crash – for a quarter. Gerald Wallace started the game with a bang, having a huge first quarter. 13 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, and a charge drawn. On his way to monster night – or so it seemed. But after subbing out late in the first, 5+ minutes on the bench seemed to subdue him. After the first, Gerald scored only 4 more points, though he did manage to rack up a double, with 10 boards. Still, Crash teased us with the first quarter output, and left us wanting more (consistency, if nothing else) from his game.

The D.J. and Raymond back court saw a lot of court time and Joe Johnson was oddly quiet. Yes, Joe got 30 for the game, but in the 26 minutes he played against the Ray-D.J. combo, he got 17. That left 13 in only 14 minutes against the Bobcats, so it was not the shorty combo that killed the Cats.

That is not to say the double point attack worked. Augustin and Felton were on the court for 27 minutes and 58 seconds – the Bobcats were outscored by 6 during that time, with an astoundingly poor offensive efficiency of 84.0. Defensively, the Cats managed to be solid, at 96.0.

Individually, D.J. and Raymond were ok – sort of. With just Raymond on the court, the Bobcats were at 108.3 offensively and 76.9 defensively, over 6+ minutes. With just D.J., 121.7 and 117.4 in just under 12 minutes. For the sort of part: Raymond is easy to see from the boxscore – 3 of 15 shooting. For D.J.'s big negative, you needed to see the 4th quarter – and the way he sagged off Mike Bibby – for 3 3-point baskets. The first one, I can understand – Bibby had been quiet up until then. But after that one, D.J. should have been cognizant of who he was guarding – and his lackadaisical defense was a significant factor in the Hawks reclaiming the lead late in the game, and ultimately securing the win. It is not to say D.J. was solely responsible for the loss – he was not, as his offense was essential to the Bobcats even staying in the game – but it was hopefully a learning experience for him, and a mistake he will not repeat.

The Bobcats did a solid job on the glass, holding Atlanta to only 8 offensive rebounds. The credit goes to Gerald, Emeka and Nazr, as the other 2 young bigs contributed next to nothing on the boards. Ryan Hollins – 11 minutes, 29 seconds – 0 rebounds. Alexis Ajinca – 15 minutes, 6 seconds – 1 rebound. I got my wish for extended playing time for the tenderfoot twin towers – and they did not make the best use of it. Ryan wound up with 3 points and a block, but again, an 0-fer on the glass. Alexis – well, 3 turnovers (2 offensive fouls, 1 offensive goaltending) is a bit much for someone who is not a focal point of the offense. The two blocks were nice work, though.

I was disappointed about the loss – but in doing this recap I was reminded of some positives from the game. D.J. had a breakout, creating for teammates while making some 3's. Gerald exploded with a Crash-like quarter at least. Matt Carroll even got involved offensively finally (9 points on 3 attempts). Best: The defense put together a very solid effort, forcing 20 turnovers, while also doing the aforementioned strong defensive rebounding, keeping Atlanta from second chances. All in all, everything I could ask for aside from a win (well, and for Raymond to stop shooting so much – does someone want to buy the domain, like

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