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Bobcats vs. Bucks Recap

Detailed boxscore: Boxscore Page

Score: 79-74 Milwaukee
Bobcats Record: 3-9
  Offensive: 82.2
  Defensive: 87.8
  Net: -5.6
Meritorious Player: Emeka Okafor
. The Bobcats were +10 with Emeka on the court, with a net efficiency of +13.1. 16 points (on 13 attempts and 2 of 5 at the line – make those free throws, Emeka!), 18 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block.

Another night of best of/worst of for the Bobcats. It was their best defensive performance of the season, holding the Bucks to 79 points, an efficiency of 87.8, on 36.8% shooting while forcing 21 turnovers. All great things. Good work team, but in particular Emeka – and Raymond? Yes, Raymond had 8 defensive rebounds and 7 steals. In fact, I could have made a decent case for him as player of the night – aside from the whole offense thing.

Offense – the worst of the season for the Bobcats. They did so many good things against Milwaukee – but Milwaukee did an even better job in return – sort of. The Bobcats actually shot better from the field, turned the ball over less, and matched Milwaukee on offensive rebounds. The difference in the game: The free throw line. The Bucks made 24 of 31 – The Bobcats only 13 of 22, good/bad for 59.1%.

Rather than dwell on the negative, I am going to point out a couple of positives and call it a day. Here goes:
Shannon Brown – offensive sparkplug: 10 points on 7 attempts and swatted a couple of attempts at the other end. The block of a fast break layup by I think Jefferson was particularly good tv.
Gerald Wallace – nice work inside the 3-point line. Gerald had 18 on 11 attempts, but was 5 of 7 inside the arc while only 1 of 4 from beyond. Gerald – you are open out there for a reason.

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