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Bobcats vs. 76ers Preview

Opponent: Philadelphia 76ers (7-6)
  Offensive: 101.5
  Defensive: 98.3
  Net: +3.2

Elton Brand and Philly come into Charlotte with a record to match their name (what can I say – I am a numbers guy, of course I noticed). Despite a slow start, the Sixers are starting to round into the team people expected when they added Elton Brand over the summer.

Philly has a similar problem to the Bobcats – they are struggling to score early on. Their main difficulty has been in integrating a player of Brand's caliber, while he is still rounding back into form after a severe injury last season. I say similar to the Bobcats, as Philly is 24th in the league in offensive efficiency, and the Bobcats are 26th. But at the other end of the court? Similarities are much tougher to find.

Philly is 6.5 points better than the Bobcats, in defensive efficiency. That is the difference between 3rd in the league (the Sixers) and 14th. The easy answer for that difference? Rebounding. Philly does a great job of it (no surprise with Dalembert, Brand, Young, Evans, and others) – grabbing 73.8% of defensive rebounds. The Bobcats are at only 69.2%. That translates into an extra easy shot or two a game for their opponents – something the Bobcats cannot afford.

With Jason Richardson still out, the Bobcats will need for Augustin (or some else) to be hot from the outside, while at the same time getting Emeka going in the post. With the first happening against Atlanta and the second against Milwaukee, maybe this is the night the Bobcats turn in a well-rounded performance. I will be live-blogging the game – updating a post every few minutes with my thoughts. We'll see how that goes. Come back and check it out.

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