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Diop comes to Charlotte

After trying to sign DeSagana Diop during the off-season, the Bobcats got their man via trade: Matt Carroll and Ryan Hollins to Dallas for Diop. I think if you added Matt to Ryan you would approximate Diop's size – ok, slight exaggeration, but he is a big, big man. 7 feet, 280+ pounds of defensive presence.

Bonnell already has some thoughts up on the trade, and I think he sums it up pretty well. Here is the full post, Diop Trade Fits Larry Brown Mold. An excerpt that covers the gist of his thoughts (and reservations) on the deal:

Bobcats coach Brown believes ball movement and defense are essential to winning. They upgraded the ball-movement dramatically by acquiring forward Boris Diaw from the Phoenix Suns. They believe – and this is subject to debate – that Diop can have a similar impact on this team's defense.

Let me put some numbers to this idea: Before Diaw arrived, the Bobcats had assists on 55.3% of their made baskets (slightly below league-average of 57.6%). Since the trade, that number is 64.8% – a 17% improvement from their old number, and a mark that would be 6th in the league if they had done it all season. The Cats are already 12th in the league in defensive efficiency – and they are banking on this moving them up a couple more spots. This trade gives the Bobcats a very real possibility at being a top 10 club in a statistical category – and a good one, for a change.

I will be watching the results of this closely and you can count on seeing some posts, outlining Diop's impact on the defense, how Emeka handles more time at the 4, etc.

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