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Bobcats vs Knicks (Quick) Recap

Score: 114-105 Bobcats
Bobcats Record: 28-35 (1 game back of 8th)
Game Efficiencies:
    Offensive: 118.8
    Defensive: 109.4
Meritorious Player: Gerald Wallace – 23 points on 13 attempts, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, and just 2 turnovers. The Bobcats won the rebounding battle thanks in large part to Gerald's big effort on the glass.

I was in Boston for the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Saturday…so I did not get to see the game. And I am running on little sleep. So, this is a super quick recap piece – look at the box score and let me know of any important details I should know but do not from not seeing the game.

Big win – on the road, tail-end of a back to back, against a team still fighting for that final spot. They are making things interesting.

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