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Bobcats vs Spurs Recap

Score: 100-86 Spurs
Bobcats Record: 28-36 (1 game back of 8th)
Game Efficiencies:
    Offensive: 101.2
    Defensive: 116.3
Meritorious Player: Boris Diaw? 9 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and only 1 turnover. No real standout performances (at least not good ones).

The streak is dead. Long live the streak. The Bobcats lost – it was bound to happen and losing to the Spurs is hardly unexpected. San Antonio continues to be one of the league's top teams, year after year, so…Fans – do not get to down over this one. They have another tough game to follow, Friday with the Rockets. But after that? A chance to win 8 straight – yes, 8. @Minny, Raptors, Kings, @Toronto, Pacers, @Washington, @Philly, and New York. Oh – and then the Lakers come to the Queen City. Again – the streak is dead, but may not be for long.

First thing I noticed in the boxscore: 20 assists on 30 makes. 2nd thing – 12 turnovers. 3rd – Only 4 offensive rebounds, and the Cats got out-rebounded by 10 overall. Good passing, decent protection of the ball, poor rebounding – at the team level. On to the players. There one number (well, two) jumped at me: 5 of 17. Ray had an off-night, but easily led the team in attempts. Made me wonder – how well do the Bobcats handle his poor shooting nights. Answer: Not well. They have won 7 games where Ray has shot below 40%..and lost the other 25. When Felton shoots between 40% and 50% – the Cats are 6-6. But when Ray is on, making better at least half his shots, Charlotte gets really good: 15-5. Overall, in the teams losses, Ray shoots 35.2%. In wins, 48.7%. Summarized:
Bobcats Record based on Felton's shooting:
Less than 40% – 7-25
Between 40 and 50% – 6-6
50 and over – 15-5.

Final thought: Ray averages 12.1 attempts from the field in wins (those times when he is shooting better)…and 13.7 in Bobcat losses. I am not blaming Ray for the losses, but merely curious about the implications. Are teams that have more success against the Bobcats forcing Felton into more shots by going under picks and not rotating men over when drives, forcing him to finish plays on his own? Or does he up his attempts when the Bobcats are behind, trying to be the hero? My numbers can not answer that – but I would be curious was the consensus is.

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