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Bobcats vs Wizards Preview

Bobcats vs Wizards – 03/25/2009
Previous Matchups
02/11/2009 – Bobcats win 101-89 – Boxscore
01/10/2009 – Bobcats win 92-89 – Boxscore
12/23/2008 – Bobcats win 80-72 – Boxscore

Team Efficiencies:
Charlotte: Offensive: 104.0, Defensive: 105.1
Washington: Offensive: 103.9, Defensive: 112.6

With Chicago taking down Detroit last night and moving ahead of the Cats by 2 full games, the Bobcats have got to hold serve and win this one. In Hollinger's playoff odds report, the Cats are down to a 14.8% chance of making the playoffs. Really, that seems high with the home/road splits for Charlotte and the Bulls – stupid equestrian event at the TWC arena being the main cause, thanks for that Bob. Good news for the Bobcats – they are 3-0 against the Wizards, and there is no reason for that to change tonight. Despite the letdown against the Pacers, Bob's Cats have had a solid March to follow a respectable February – and Washington has had a poor March, preceded by a weak February, that came on the heels of an atrocious Jan…you get the idea. So, go Cats and keep the playoff hopes alive.

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