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Bobcats vs Heat Recap

Bobcats vs Heat – 04/03/2009 – Boxscore
Score: 97-92 Heat
Bobcats Record: 34-42
Game Efficiencies:    Offensive: 103.4
    Defensive: 107.8
Meritorious Player: Gerald Wallace – 21 on 12 attempts, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks.

Quick frustrating weekend recap:
9 steals/blocks for the Bobcats, 15 combined for the Heat.
29 layup/dunk attempts for the Bobcats, 21 for the Heat.
12 free throw attempts for the Bobcats, 24 for the Heat.

In summary, the Bobcats had fewer defensive statistics that would suggest risky behavior, had more attempts at the rim, yet were doubled up at the line.

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