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Bobcats vs Pistons Recap

Bobcats vs Pistons – 04/06/2009 – Boxscore
Score: 104-97 Pistons
Bobcats Record: 34-43 (3 games back of 7th/8th)
Hollinger's Playoff Odds (from here): 4.5%
Game Efficiencies:
    Offensive: 114.1
    Defensive: 120.9
Meritorious Player: Emeka Okafor – 14 points on 10 attempts, 2 of 4 free throws, 16 rebounds.

The Bobcats managed to beat Will Bynum 28-26 in the fourth quarter, but the rest of the Pistons chipped in just enough in the quarter (8 points) to pull out the win. Will Bynum, really? Will Bynum again? Didn't this already happen? Hmm – yeah, 12 points in 24 minutes back in December – not the explosion I was thinking of – maybe I mixing him up with Nate Robinson. Whatever – not the first time this season the Bobcats got destroyed by an unexpected source.

The obvious answer to the Bobcats defensive issues last night – Raja Bell, the Bobcats best defender, missed the game. Not because Raja would have covered him, but because it would have given the Bobcats the ability to leave Raymond on Bynum, instead of leaving the defensive assignment to the rookie Augustin. Not a knock on Augustin – but experience matters to defense.

Another game the Bobcats lost with their free throw shooting. They missed 8, lost by 7. More importantly, they missed 8 and were down just 3 with 20 seconds left. A couple more makes early on and the outcome may have reversed. The most surprising sight of the night happened twice: Gerald went to the line for 2 in the 3rd quarter – missed both – leaving a 2 point lead stagnant. D.J. went to the line for 2 in the fourth – missed both and instead of moving ahead, the Bobcats remained tied, with the Pistons scoring to take the lead soon after. While the Bobcats did manage to briefly retake the lead following that Pistons surge, you have to wonder how things would have played out if the Pistons had merely tied with their next score?

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