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Alexis Ajinca – 08-09 Season Review

Speaking of fouling-est players, Alexis come on down. 7.7 fouls per 40 minutes for the lanky young man. But you know what? I am ok with that, for one primary reason: Alexis was accomplishing something defensively with his aggression, to the tune of 1.5 steals and 1.5 blocks per 40 minutes to accompany those fouls. I can live with that tradeoff as Alexis continues to learn the game.

First up: Efficiencies. Incredibly small sample for Ajinca as he just does not have the body to handle the pro game yet. So, look at these numbers and enjoy them, but do not read too much into them.

Defensively, Alexis got abused. His man scored more often and far more efficiently against him and the only saving grace was that he somehow slowed them down on the glass. Considering Alexis own poor rebound rate, I am somewhat confused by that, but no matter. One note: Nice to see that overall (again, somehow), Alexis managed to hold his opponent to a lower PER than expected.

Good free throw rate…and that is about it. Too many jumpers for Alexis and too many misses.

Anything learned from this? The kid is a project – a 7 foot project with a ridiculous wingspan who showed a slight knack for blocks and steals. Enough to be intriguing, at least to me.

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