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Gerald Henderson – Charlotte Bobcat

With the 12th pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats selected: Gerald Henderson of Duke. The 6-5 shooting guard joins the NBA after his junior season, during which he was named All-ACC First team and Honorable Mention All-Defensive Team. Oh and did I mention that he went to Duke? See, that is a big deal because some of the Bobcats staff went to UNC…you know what, I cannot do it. I am already sick of the big deal that was made about that last night during the draft coverage. It is stupid to think a team would not consider a player because of a college rivalry – the next writer or analyst who mentions it gets bonus points for being lazy. Ok, rant over.

Back to Gerald: Thanks to advanced computer image generation techniques, here is an early look at what he might look like in a Bobcats jersey next season.

Ok, so I am really bad (and kind of lazy) with Photoshop. As you can tell from Gerald's hairline, he is not one of the youngest players in the draft: Henderson is 21 now and will be 22 in December. The good news is that he should be able to contribute from the start, as a capable backup to Raja Bell – and not unlike Bell either. Henderson has a solid mid-range game, a developing perimeter shot, long arms and a defensive tenacity that should endear him to Larry Brown.

Time for some clips: We start with my favorite.

This next one shows off a bit more of his defensive presence.

So, an introduction to Gerald Henderson for those who may have been curious. Weigh in on the Bobcats pick in the comments.

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