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A couple of Chandler Links

Here are a handful of links from around the interwebs about the trade. First up comes from the newest Bobcat himself:
tysonchander.com – On the move again. Good to hear: “Physically, I'm feeling a lot better, much better than I did during the season. For the first time I have mobility in my foot, my ankle and my toe. That's the first time in a long time after dealing with that sprain for a while now.”

The Sports Guy quotes a chick flick – to get to this: “so the Cats shed Okafor's 2012/2013 dollars to make the team more appealing to prospective buyers.”

TickTock6 at HornetsHype is conflicted – “To tell you the truth, I'm relieved. Yes, I wanted us to keep TC. I wanted to see him get healthy and prove he could still be the player he was at his best. He was one of my favorite Hornets. But…”

Ryan at Hornets247 gives a fair summary (in my opinion at least: “Chandler is an A+ defender and a C offensive player,(offender?) though that is mitigated by his injury risk. Okafor is a B- defender and a B offensive player. Okafor has played 81 and 82 games the last couple seasons.”

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