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Your daily Iverson Update

Riding the Allen Iverson-to-Charlotte roller-coaster is starting to wear on me – I think I have made it clear that I am in favor of it and notes like this put a damper on that enthusiasm. The good news: I am not the only one who sees this as a great fit.

Matt Moore (this time at Hardwood Paroxysm) goes Jimmy Buffett on the prospective couple and wants it to happen (and I think the title is from Buffett lyrics, but I am not a fan and do not know for sure). “Allen Iverson and the Charlotte Bobcats need each other…GO TEAM AVERAGE!”

While the last part of the quote may not seem like a ringing endorsement, I concur with Matt in his conclusion – becoming average is a reasonable goal for this team, and with the current roster (and contracts), expecting much more is unrealistic.

Final Iverson note: James and I will be debating the Bobcats possibly bringing Iverson on-board soon, so keep an eye out for that.

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