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And the winners are…

In case you forgot, I have had a contest running to win 2 $25 gift cards to – details here. The time has come to give out those prizes. Drum roll please…
Mike wins for the player summary portion with his randomly selected entry of

DaJuan Blair: Undersized vacuum-cleaner rebounder who is almost over-hyped as Spurs second round steal. Knee ligaments of an earthworm.

. Adam (submitted by email) wins for the photo portion (as he was the only one to submit an entry). I will be sending an email confirming contact info and then the gift certificates will be on their.

Thanks to everyone who submitted something, I really do appreciate the help on the players pages. With that said, there remain plenty of players who do not have a witty haiku or fawning praise attached to them and they may get jealous. So, if you come up with anything, add a comment or shoot me an email. And more fan snapshots of players would be great. The contest is over but I still have a lot of players with bare pages.

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