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Now Providing Even More Player Info

Drum roll please…Opponent stats are now available on player pages (go through the Stats Page). And expected stats. Basically, posts like “Chandler and Okafor Comparison” just got a lot easier – for me and for you. An example:
Kevin Garnett Defensive Statistics

The stats are broken down by position, along with cumulative numbers for anyone who played more than one position. Same caveat as always applies: These are based off lineups – based on the players who were on the court for both teams, my program puts players in their likely positions and grabs the opponent from the same. It does not account for the handful of zone possessions a team might play in a game and it does not factor in when assignments get switched up because of a fast break. But it gives a general idea of whether a man was more effective than average in slowing down the opposition.

Just so we're all clear: Everyone in the league is available. This is exciting to me because previously it took anywhere between 1 and 4 hours to run the numbers for a single player – after some changes to the code, I can run the entire Bobcats team in 90 minutes. Look it over now and get used to it, because it will continue to be available once this season starts, updated on a daily basis. Now I am going to go do my nerd dance in celebration.

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