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And a few more numbers for consumption

Ok, so I may have rushed a bit and not added everything that made sense when I expanded the player page to include opponent stats by position. I have rectified that laziness – the player now includes time by position and efficiencies, seen here:
NBA Player Stats By Position

There are also 2 new tabs:
Position – player stats by position, identical to the opponents minus the expected values.
Net Stats – This tab shows a breakdown of stats by position, with the selected player's numbers minus what he gave up. As such, a positive number is a good thing, aside from turnovers (and yes, I was looking at Boris Diaw's window still – how did you guess?).

Oh, and I added Pythagorean record to the efficiencies tab – so, take the Bobcats projected record of 80 and 2 with Boris at Center with a grain of salt because you also see just 29 minutes played there.

I hope these additions are helpful to you and please continue to suggest more things that you would like to see added. I will find room for more tabs if needed.

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