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Bobcats vs Hornets Recap

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A few tidbits from last night's game:

- I was most impressed with DJ Augustin. He looked like a real point guard and I was glad to see that they didn't play him and Raymond together. The alley-oop to Alexis Ajinca was my favorite DJ play because he saw the opportunity before anyone else, a clear sign that the game is slowing down for him. The pass to Stephen Graham for the clinching 3-pointer was a play he would not have made last season

- Speaking of Graham he looked good and it seems like he'll be able to knock down some shots. I wouldn't be surprised if he made the team. It seems like he'll be able to defend 4s pretty well

- Gerald Henderson can really attack the basket but he can't really shoot. At the very least he needs to try and knock down 70% from the foul line because he'll get there a lot. Last night he was only 4-7

- The second unit went scoreless for the first several minutes of the second quarter as Flip Murray was shooting contested 20 footers and DJ was trying to setup others to no avail. They'll have to feature DJ more to because it's clear this team will struggle to score all season

- I was a little disappointed in the defense. Morris Peterson got free for 4 three-pointers in only 20 minutes and it's clear Raymond is still a much better defensive player than DJ because when he was pulled out with an injury Chris Paul scored 15 points in the 3rd erasing most of Charlotte's 21 point lead

- After the game Larry Brown said that Raymond Felton had hurt his ribs in the first half and Gerald Wallace has an injured shoulder. Both bear watching as another contest with Cleveland looms

- I have a friend that referees in college Division two and Division one, he's worked with one of the officials from last night and says the guy is a good ref. I asked him about all the foul calls and he said since these are replacement refs they'll tend to call more fouls because they don't want the game to get too physical and get out of hand. Although he didn't watch the entire game he did admit there were a few plays that they didn't let things develop and blew their whistle a little early, particularly inside.

Quick statistical note from Brett:
-Do not put too much weight on player's scoring numbers in the preseason, as the Bobcats took 65 field goal attempts and 58 free throw attempts – only 7 more field goal attempts than free throw attempts. Last season, Charlotte had exactly one game where they came within even 20 of that margin, November 3rd against Detroit, the Cats took 59 fga, 35 fta for a margin of 24. That was their only game where they came within even 30 fta of fga.

There was a single game last season where a team had a single digit difference in fga and fta – Suns versus Bucks on 11/8, and the numbers were 61 fga, 54 fta.

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