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I am a link manager

Some previews and such to pass along:

The Sports Guy Preview – Interesting anecdote for the Bobcats: “Larry Brown was talking to one of Jordan's friends about something that didn't have anything to do with Jordan. Right as they were hanging up, Brown casually mentioned to this friend, 'Hey, if you talk to Michael, can you tell him that I'm trying to get ahold of him?” And normally, this wouldn't be weird.” Oh, and Simmons pegs the Cats for 39 wins and the ninth spot in the East.

Ball Don't Lie Previews The Bobcats and is decidedly less optimistic. I will go ahead and spoil the end: Kelly Dwyer predicts 19 wins – and no, that is not a typo.

Rufus on Fire predicts…well, go read it. Worth your time – I will say we see eye to eye on this season, though we are opposed on the team's overall path (I am ok with being content with the 8th seed for the time being – David wants to see a more concerted effort towards building a big – title potential – winner).

Gerald Henderson blogs for the Sporting News. The Bobcats lottery pick shares a bit about his transition and represents well for Duke.

The Bobcats final preseason game boxscore – To show how much credence I give to their last preseason tilt, note the detail. Provided a link to the boxscore – and that is all. Time to get excited for real games.

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