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Bobcats vs Knicks Preview

Who: Charlotte Bobcats versus New York Knicks
What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Opener
When: 10/30/2009 at 7pm EDT
Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena in the Queen City or on Fox Sports Carolina

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 0-1 67.8 105.7 87.0
New York 0-1 93.9 118.6 98.0

It's two days later and there is no doubt the Charlotte Bobcats will be anxious to get on the court and prove to their home fans that Wednesday night will be this season's low-light as opposed to par for the course. The New York Knicks are a great opponent for them since this will likely be a fast paced game since it's Mike D'Anotni's 7 seconds or less offense and the Bobcats are playing at home where teams normally play a little faster than on the road. But make no mistake this will not be an easy game given the Bobcats' offensive problems and that is where we start…

What to watch for
I want to see who takes the first couple of shots and whether or not they go in. Sounds elementary but those were two of the main issues Wednesday night. 100 points or more by Charlotte likely will win this game but to get there those turnovers will have to drop to an acceptable number while the shooting percentage will need to rise to an acceptable number. And I know how much Larry Brown abhors the three-pointer but this team has to make a trey to beat New York because you certainly know the Knicks will be letting it fly.

Key Matchup
I can't decide between DJ Augustin and Nate Robinson or Tyson Chandler and David Lee. DJ will have to score more than one point tonight that's for sure and he is the main guy that can help Charlotte out of it's three-point shooting funk. Ironically Nate Robinson only scored 1 point in the Knicks opener in Miami so he'll be looking to bounce back as well and if he gets it going early there could be problems. D'Antoni's offenses are pick and roll heavy so Tyson Chandler's ankle will certainly get a test tonight as he's trying to cover David Lee. Keeping Lee in check will be more important than Chandler matching him in points but Tyson is going to have to find away to score from the field. That may be more on Raymond Felton and DJ than Chandler though because they'll have to find him on those screen and rolls.

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