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Bobcats vs Magic Recap – Shooting Blanks

Boxscore of Bobcats vs Magic – 11/10/2009
Score: 93-81 Orlando
Bobcats Record: 3-4
Offensive Efficiency: 91.0
Defensive Efficiency: 104.5
Meritorious Player:Raymond Felton – 18 points, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and just 1 turnover. The only Bobcat with a +/- above 0 at +5.

You knew that Orlando would be ready for this game after losing by 28 to Oklahoma City, and with the Bobcat's offensive woes you can't allow a top 5 offense to score 35 first quarter points but that's what happened Tuesday night.

After trailing by 22 in the first half Charlotte made a run of it in the third but couldn't get over the hump and Raymond Felton just wonders about the miscues and the points Orlando scored off them “They had 16 points(off turnovers) and we were down 16 at the half.”

Raymond only had one miscue against Orlando but I wouldn't say that his problems are behind him as there were a few of his passes that were bounced around and luckily ended up back in Bobcat hands. The one bit of good news is that Raymond's shot looked much better he says that he spent some extra time working on it, “On my shots before I've been doing a lot of leaning so I've basically been working on getting my mechanics right, going straight up in the air and (working on) my follow through.”

Felton was an impressive 6 for 10 and hit all his free throws and if it wasn't for his strong third quarter this would have been a blowout.

The major question about this team remains how will they score consistently because a 10 point 4th quarter won't win many games. Despite the success with the three-pointer in their recent home wins Larry Brown doesn't like all those attempts and what he likes even less is the fact that Charlotte only went to the free throw line 14 times.

Still Brown admits that Charlotte could do more to earn more whistles “you've got to establish a post presence and that's a way to get to the free throw line and you've got to be able to drive the ball and that's a way to get to the free throw line, but we haven't established that yet on a consistent basis.”

However this is a tough balancing act because drives to the rim increase the risk of turnovers and the threat of the three-pointer allows for better driving lanes. Larry talked about going to Gerald more in the post and it will be interesting to see how that develops because Wallace showed the ability to be effective there on Tuesday and if the team can get the ball there reliably it could pay some dividends for this offense.

In the end Charlotte is going to have to do better than 2 for 17 from three especially when the quintet of 40% three point marksmen goes 1 for 11 with pretty good looks.

An injured but well rested Detroit team is up next and with the way they've been defending it will be interesting to see how the Bobcats bounce back.

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