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Examing Production by Position – C

Examing Production by Position – PG
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Examing Production by Position – SF
Examing Production by Position – PF

5th in a series of 5 posts, this is going to provide some early season numbers showing how the Bobcats stack up, position by position. I have provided two spreadsheets for each position – one shows each Bobcat who played minutes at a given position and their stats at that position and the second shows the level of production each team in the league is getting at each position. All counting stats (points, assists, etc…) are shown per 100 team possessions – the exceptions are rebounding: I used offensive and defensive rebound rate rather than rebounding averages. Personal choice – I just feel it is more useful (though you could probably make a case for other fields as well).

Charlotte Bobcats centers have done one thing well this season: Foul. As a group they average 7.4 fouls per 100 team possessions, 9th most in the league, while average is 6.7. At the other, they draw fouls at the 3rd lowest rate in the NBA, at just 3.9 (avg is 5.5). The only 2 Bobcats to post an above average fouls drawn rate have combined to play just 28 minutes at the position, in Alexis Ajinca and Derrick Brown (yes, Derrick Brown has spent a few minutes as a nominal center for the Bobcats).
Bobcats Center Breakdown:

Team by Team Center Breakdown:

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