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Bobcats vs Wizards Recap

Boxscore of Bobcats vs Wizards – 11/28/2009
Score: 92-76 Charlotte
Bobcats Record: 7-9
Offensive Efficiency: 102.2
Defensive Efficiency: 84.4
Meritorious Player: Raymond Felton 12pts, 4-8 FG, 5 assists, 4 steals, ZERO turnovers

This team's defense has been tremendous and I can't say this enough, it's harder to defend when the shots aren't falling and even though Charlotte's offense has looked better since the Stephen Jackson trade the Bobcats aren't going to outscore anyone.

Washington shoots just under 40 percent from the field and it was clear why, on every pick and roll Charlotte's rotation was there. For every Wizards guard coming off a down screen a Bobcat was locking and trailing, every jumper had a hand in the face, and for every loose ball there seemed to be a Bobcat going after it or gaining possession.

Now I'll steal a play from Brett's handbook and talk about some numbers first since we're already talking about defense how about 5-for-20. That's what Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison combined for in this game and while there were some shots they normally make that didn't fall, and give plenty of credit to Boris Diaw and Raymond Felton.

Felton kept Arenas out of the paint and had a hand in his face on early pull up jumper. Diaw and at times Wallace made sure Jamison didn't get a clean look from three and Gerald especially made sure that Antawn didn't slip in for some offensive boards.

Here's another number 22-to-1. That's Raymond Felton's assist and turnover totals over this four game winning streak. Outside of the bad shooting the one big reason the Bobcats couldn't score was the insane amount of turnovers and the fact that at one point their starting point guard was second in the entire league in miscues. I haven't seen as many fumbled passes or dribbles from Felton and he's getting the ball out of his hands late in the clock so he isn't forced to take a 20 footer off the dribble, a shot any defense will concede to a career 40 percent shooter.

A saw another fastbreak pass from Felton that he didn't even attempt in the first 10 games, plus he only took eight shots as three other Bobcats had more attempts from the field, unless Raymond is feeling it that's the right shot distribution.

Finally it's good to see Derrick Brown playing the way he's been lately. Brown has second round steal written all over him at this point and with Diaw banged up he's really helped Charlotte when the second unit comes in.

Boston will be quite a test since the great ball movement that the TV guys raved about won't be as easy against a much, much better defensive team, but the rims will be friendlier with the game at home and Charlotte as the revenge factor in their favor.

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