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Help Send Crash to the All-Star Game

Gerald Wallace All-Star Ballot Party – The Whiskey Warehouse in Charlotte is holding a ballot stuffing party tomorrow night, Jan 7th, at 7pm. Here is their reasoning:

Here's the deal. Gerald Wallace should be a NBA All-Star.

But he's lagging behind significantly in the voting, leaving all of his hopes pinned on the Eastern Conference coach's vote to make him a reserve forward. Problem is he's a small market player behind many higher-profile forwards, and politics is fueled by popularity.

If we can create a surge in votes for Gerald, we may be able to attract enough attention to win the coach's ballot.

Crash is probably the most deserving Bobcat in team history – not saying he is having the best season ever, but generally he has started slow and heated up as the season progressed (same with Jason Richardson's one full year in the Queen City). Not this year, with Crash near the top of the league in rebounding with 11.9 per game, while contributing 18.3 points and 2.5+ combined steals and blocks. Vote Crash and vote often.

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