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Bobcats vs Nuggets Recap

Score: 104-93 Denver Nuggets
Charlotte Bobcats record: 21-22
Offensive Efficiency: 103.3
Defensive Efficiency: 115.6
Meritorious Player: Gerald Wallace – 20 points on 10 attempts, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks, and just 1 turnover.

“You know – David (of Rufus on Fire) nailed it:

These late games are brutal on those of us who have been up since before the sun came up and will be at work same time tomorrow, but I'll probably be better tomorrow.” – Bobcats Can't Catch Nuggets, Lose 104-93

I agree with that – except I am not making any guarantees about being better tomorrow. For now, I am going link heavy:

Roundball Mining Company Recap – “Fortunately for Denver they still had a red hot Arron Afflalo and Western Conference Player of the Week Chauncey Billups who both continued their stellar play. Afflalo nailed shot after shot as the Bobcats vaunted defense struggled to rotate in time to slow him down.

Defensively the effort reminded me quite a bit of the previous game against the Hornets. Denver did a very good impersonation of a sieve for the first five or six minutes before getting their act together in time to put the clamps down. The Nuggets combined a switch and help scheme with a trap and recover style that kept the Bobcats off balance and succeeded in keeping them mostly on the perimeter.”

Bobcats Can't Take Advantage – Bobcats Baseline< – “It is just excruciating to hear Steve Martin and Dell Curry blather on about how this game is available in HD; Time Warner Cable in Charlotte doesn't carry SportSouth as an HD channel, so we're stuck in the 90s with SD Crap-O-Vision. To top it off, it sounds like the audio is coming over ham radio.”

Rick Bonnell at the Charlotte Observer – Charlotte Bobcats fade in 2nd half, fall to Denver Nuggets – “Monday's 104-93 loss to the Denver Nuggets felt like a massive flashback to Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown.

First, to how good Chauncey Billups is, and second to how shaky the Bobcats were in losses to the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic.”

That is a very succinct summary of the game from Bonnell – Billups torched the Cats…and they did not play again. That is a third straight very disappointing defensive outing for the Bobcats – all 3 with the Cats over a defensive efficiency of 106. And another quote from Larry Brown, via Bonnell drives the cause home: “We have nobody behind him” defensively, Brown said. “Our big guys don't affect any shots.” They need Tyson back for his defense – not necessarily for blocks, as Tyson actually averages the fewest per 40 minutes between himself, Nazr, and Gana Diop, but he does more work affecting shots than the others. Word is that Chandler is pain free and is hoping to resume practice within a week or so – they could certainly use him.

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