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I am a link manager – 02/01/10

Frank Hughes at SI.com says Gerald Wallace finally gets due recognition:

You could make the argument that there has not been an All-Star like Charlotte's Gerald Wallace in the last 20 years. And not because he is the first Bobcats player in franchise history to make the team.

Think about it: In the past two decades, how many players have created a balanced resume — one solid enough to garner an All-Star nod — out of scrappiness and hustle? By my count: zero.

Mark Travis at ButTheGameIsOn.com talks about how Stephen Jackson has helped the Bobcats win – Stephen Jackson has helped shape the Bobcats as a contender:

After struggling to fit in during his first few games, Jackson has come on in the past two months of play, scoring 22 points a game on 43% shooting with five boards and three assists a contest. Jackson is still susceptible to having off nights shooting the ball, but he has become a nice fit within the offense, getting to the basket to finish at the rim when his shot isn't falling.

Rick Bonnell at the Charlotte Observer reports: Larry Brown is the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. More on that available at NBA.com – LB named EC coach of the month.

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