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Portland thumps lagging Bobcats

Score: 98-79 Portland
Charlotte Bobcats record: 24-23
Offensive Efficiency: 91.9
Defensive Efficiency: 115.3
Meritorious Player: Gerald Wallace had another double-double with 17 points on 10 attempts and 10 rebounds, including 7 defensive. Crash also had 2 steals, 1 assist, and 2 turnovers.

For a team that was supposedly not satisfied with just breaking even on the road-trip, the Bobcats sure played like a team that would be satisfied breaking even on their road trip. 21 turnovers on just 87 possessions. 13 offensive rebounds for Portland to just 21 defensive rebounds for the Bobcats – that defensive rebound rate of 61.8% is their 3rd worst performance of the season. The turnover rate of 24.4% is the second worst such showing. And the final telling number: 23 triple attempts out of 64 total. That is 35.8% of their attempts being from deep – the highest that number has been all season. Oh, and it was not a case of them launching them late, in a furious bid to rally – the Bobcats attempted just 3 in the final quarter.

Final thing I am going to mention: The Bobcats had a strange sequence to end the first half. I am not sure if they just recently learned of trying to get a 2-for-1 possession advantage at the end of a quarter or what – but it sure seemed like it. After the Blazers scored with 38 seconds left, Raymond Felton pushed the ball up court, curled around a screen near the top of the lane and fired up a running, leaning jumper from 20 feet just seconds into the shot clock – it did not go in and the Blazers rebounded with 29 seconds left. After working the ball around, Martell Webster missed a look from three as the shot clock ran down – and Portland got the offensive rebound that the Bobcats had been looking for with about 5 seconds left. Fortunately for the Bobcats, Ronald Murray was able to pick off Andre Miller's pass and the Bobcats were able to get off another attempt to complete the 2-for-1 – this time the shot came about mid-court as the horn sounded. It also missed. To recap: Rather than 1 good shot, the Bobcats managed to take 2 bad shots in the final 30 seconds – and only got the second one because of a bad pass by the other team. That kind of defeats the purpose of going for the 2-for-1.

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