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Bobcats can't quite make it back on Bucks

Score: 93-88 Milwaukee Bucks
Charlotte Bobcats record: 27-27
Offensive Efficiency: 98.9
Defensive Efficiency: 101.1
Meritorious Player: Stephen Jackson with 35 points on 25 shots, plus a 5 in each of the rebounds and assists columns. With the rest of the team struggling to score for the most part, Jackson took it on himself to get the Bobcats the points they needed to make a game of it. But…

Jackson also had the turnover that sealed the game for the Bucks – with the Bobcats trailing by 3, with the ball, coming out of a timeout, Jackson went between his legs and missed the ball just enough on the dribble to bounce it John Salmons – and Jax exacerbated the problem by committing a clear-path foul. Two free throws and then 2 more free throws for the Bucks put them back up 7 and made it academic. Not to say I was not impressed: I was – the Bobcats played a tremendous second half of basketball (once they got down by 20). But it would have been to have a bit more to show for it.

One of the newest Bobcats had a big impact again: Tyrus Thomas had a double-double in 31 minutes, with 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks – including a block on a dunk attempt by Andrew Bogut that was a big part of the Bobcats push. Thomas has been very impressive in his first 2 nights in a Bobcats uniform – and when they go small with Boris Diaw at the 5 and Tyrus at the 4, they are very fun to watch – and so far, very effective. In just over 20 minutes of action with Ray, Jax, Gerald, Ty, and Diaw, the Bobcats have cumulatively won 49-36, with an offensive efficiency of over 132, while surrendering an efficiency of just 90. Of course that number will not last – but it certainly appears that it will hold some value going forward.

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