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Rockets beat Bobcats but so what?

Boxscore of Rockets and Bobcats
Score: 97-90 Houston
Bobcats record: 42-37
Offensive Efficiency: 100.0
Defensive Efficiency: 106.6
Meritorious Player: Tyson Chandler – 7 points, 12 rebounds, 5 blocks in 33 minutes. While I was not crazy seeing the other starters play 30+ minutes, it is good to see Tyson out there playing productively and healthily.

Oh, and when I say others starters, that includes Larry Hughes and excludes Stephen Jackson. Yes – Larry Brown was willing to concede a win to save some wear and tear on a player for the playoffs (and the same for Tyrus Thomas). However, watching Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace, and Boris Diaw all log 35+ minutes in a game that means little to the Bobcats at this point was kind of puzzling. They are unlikely to fall to eighth and just as unlikely to move up – why not bring those minutes down just a bit more? Just seemed incongruous to me to sit Jax, but not reduce the rest of the main guys burn.

One thing to note: With Stephen Jackson out, Gerald Wallace took it on himself to be the guy offensively, taking 22 shots: It did not work out very well – just 18 points and 4 turnovers. It was just another example of how this team works best with the ball moving freely and then Stephen Jackson there to try and get a shot as the clock winds down.

And that is all I have on this one: Do not worry about it, Bobcats fans: It is almost playoff time and that is where their focus is. And with that in mind, I present to you D.J. Complete's “Bobcats Playoff Anthem”:

You can find out more about the guy behind the song at I just think it is cool that people around the Queen City are getting excited for the Bobcats making it to the playoffs.

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